Patterns & Snippets

Patterns & Snippets: A musical approach to scales and arpeggios
(tenor trombone)

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What, another scale book?
Wait, this one is different!

If we practice scales to be better musicians, why are many scale approaches so unmusical? What if there were a book that presented patterns in a way that encouraged musicality while developing technique?

Part One: Melodic Variations
* 40 basic patterns, each with two variations, one ascending, one descending.

Part Two: Stepwise Sequences
* 40 short motives treated sequentially in different keys

Part Three: Musical Snippets
* 40 short musical themes presented in multiple keys.

Reviews / Endorsements (tenor version)

Sprinkled throughout the text are words of wisdom, succinct practical advice, words of encouragement, and concise instruction…Edwards’ excellent melodic creativity encompasses the gamut of scalar and intervallic patterns.

ITA Journal Review, Feb. 2019

Reviews / Endorsements (bass version)

Serving as a great resource to compliment the scale practice of players of all levels, Patterns & Snippets is a welcome and refreshing addition to every trombonist’s practice regimen.

ITA Journal Review, Feb. 2019