Simply Singing for Winds

A wellspring of melodies for building tone and technique.

Medium Bass Clef (trombone, euphonium)
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Low Bass Clef (tuba)
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Medium Treble Clef (trumpet, clarinet)
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Low Treble Clef (horn)
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High Treble Clef (flute, saxophone
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You can never have too many good tunes to play!

Simply Singing for Winds is in 5 sections:
* Building a Foundation – 30 original pieces each in a clearly defined musical style
* Singing Smoothly – 63 legato melodies
* Singing with a Bounce – 44 melodies in a more detached style
* Singing with Style – 12 original pieces: 4 waltzes, 4 marches, 4 fanfares
* Fiddling Around – 16 fiddle tunes adapted for wind instruments

Reviews / Endorsements (tenor version)

I find myself playing from your Simply Singing book on a daily basis. I recommend this book to all of my colleagues and students.

Larry Zalkind, Eastman School of Music