Tuning Drone Melodies

Music to be played over tuning drones for one or more instruments
(versions for bass or treble clef)

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Musicians are discovering the power of tuning drones.
Here’s the perfect companion!

What is a Tuning Drone Melody?
Music designed to be played over a tuning drone (drone not included).
Part One: single instrument with the drone. Some are simple exercises, others can be complex melodies.
Part Two: multiple instruments with the drone.

Tuners are nice but tuning drones are better.
Tuning Drone Melodies will help you develop your intonation without losing musicality!

Reviews / Endorsements (tenor version)

Tuning Drone Melodies is a new and unique approach that systematically expands any serious brass player’s study of intonation. Like all of his previous method books, this book is well laid out and easy to understand – and a lot of fun to play, whether with electronic drones or even other players!

Steve Lange, Boston Symphony Orchestra, New England Conservatory of Music