First Habits Warm-Up (tenor)

First Habits Warm-Up – (tenor trombone)

Click here for the bass trombone version.

This is one portion of my new book: First Habits (231 pages).

The warm-up lasts 15-20 minutes and goes through the following sections:

  1. Air/Buzz
  2. Easy Resonance
  3. Five Notes Down
  4. First Slurs
  5. Range Stretch
  6. Note Placement
  7. Musical Patterns

Here’s the pdf file.

A note about the warm-up pdf: the spacing might seem odd. I spaced things in this way so that they would display well on an iPad or other tablet in landscape mode.

Here are the sound files:

A note about the sound files. Some people have reported that they won’t play in the Safari browser. If they don’t play, try a different browser.