The Tone Ladder

The Tone Ladder

This project will include four basic, lyrical melodies in both major and minor keys. I ask that you learn these by ear.
Why? Musicians thrive when they live in a world of sound. All too often we translate those musical dots into physical stimuli without enough connection to sound.

Step 1: Learn the melody by ear

This video teaches the first melody aurally. Follow along and you should be able to play it.

Step 2: Be able to play it beautifully without hesitation

You must get over that tone-killing uncertainty over what note comes next. Get beyond merely playing the correct notes to producing the most lovely, resonant sound your instrument can produce!

Step 3: Learn to play it in all keys (major and minor)

Develop key sense. Rely on the intervals of the melody to make sure your pitch is solid. Listen for the details.

Step 4: Play along with the harmony parts (see pdf below)

Step 5: Use it to stretch your range (high/low; loud/soft)

Start where you are comfortable but extend that “envelop of comfort.”

The First Melody

This video teaches the melody.

Here’s a pdf of the harmony parts.

Here’s the audio of the (individual) harmony parts.

C majorD-flat majorD major
E-flat majorE majorF major
G-flat majorG majorA-flat major
A majorB-flat majorB major
C minorC-sharp minorD minor
E-flat minorE minorF minor
F-sharp minorG minorG-sharp minor
A minorB-flat minorB minor

Here’s the audio of batches of the harmony parts.